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Donors Agencies

1.MISEREOR, GERMANY- Provided support for two and half decades. In fact, Gram Niyojan Kendra’s Human Resource Development Programme could be developed with it support and guidance. At every phase of organization of the programme it gave ideas which helped in planning new programmes. MISEREOR also supported caste based prevention in Uttarakhand and Rajasthan.


2.  MARR MUNNING TRUST, LONDONContinuing the support since 1983.It formed the basis of developing entrepreneurship and livelihood promotion activities for women belonging to weaker sections in living in rural and urban area of Ghaziabad. It is also providing support for running of the school Smriddhi  Bal Vidya Mandir  at  Roopwas.


3.OXFAM INDIA, LUCKNOWProvided support for five years in developing Rural women’s leadership in Uttar Pradesh . It also provided support in livelihood promotion and natural resource management in  Navgaon block of Uttarakhand.


4.PLAN INDIA, NEW DelhiProviding support from 1999 in child centered community development programme focusing on child protection and child development- education, health, livelihood promotion and disaster management.


5.IPARTNER INDIA, NEW DELHI Providing support in strengthening the school – Samriddhi Bal Vidya Mandir, Roopwas , Bharatpur , Rajasthan formed to control / prevent caste based prostitution as well as helping in planning in vocational training programe  for the girls to enable them to disassociate from the traditional practice of prostitution.

Website- www.ipartnerindia.org

6.POOREST AREAS CIVIL SOCIETY(PACS)Supporting from 2011 to enable women belonging to the excluded groups to secure their rights and entitlements in 120 villages of Maharajganj and Kushinagar districts of Uttar Pradesh.

Website- www.pacsindia.org

7.SIR DORABJI TATA TRUST AND ALLIED TRUSTS, NEW DELHIProviding support for Empowering rural women to secure their rights and entitlements related to basic services in 57 villages of Nalanda and Patna district, Bihar in partnership with 06 local partners.

Website- WWW. Dorabjitatatrust.org 

8.  LILY COMMITTEE, LONDON - providing support or second phase of construction of school building. Also helping in developing linkages for the purposes of resource mobilization.

9.CREDIT SWISS, Website – supported the partial construction of the school building through Plan India.


10.THE WOMEN’S INDIA ASSOCIATION OF THE UNITED KINGDOM, LONDON- Provided support for strengthening the school particularly computer education programme.

11.MINISTRY OF WOMEN AND CHILD DEVELOPMENT, New DELHI - provided support in conducting   national studies on Girls / Women in Prostitution in India; Sex tourism in India, Migration and prostitution in Border districts of Bangladesh and Nepal.

12.  U.P. STATE SOCIAL WELFARE ADVISORY BOARD, LUCKNOW- support for providing support for running family counseling center since 1990.

13.  MICROMATIC GRINDING INDIA PVT. LTD., GHAZIABAD - Providing support from 1994 in health, education and environmental sanitation programme in Reispur village, Ghaziabad, Uttar Pradesh