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A workshop has been proposed to be organized by Gram Niyojan Kendra  at State Institute of Health and Family Welfare, Sekhpura,  Patna  on 21st and 22nd December  for the purpose of review the ‘Empowering Rural Women (ERW) Programme to Secure their Rights and Entitlements Related to Right to Work , Rights to Food and other Basic Services’    being organized with six local partners in Nalanda and Patna districts spread over 57 villages and 18 Gram Panchayats

Representatives of Noon Foundation and iPartner visited ‘Samriddhi Bal Vidya Mandir’ School, Roopwas, Bharatpur- Rajasthan  on 28th and 29th November . They also visited prostitute’s community and red light area Mallah, Bharatpur . The purpose of the visit was to understand the programme  for further action.

·         A student studying at Kendra’s Bal Mandir school at Roopwas, scores the highest marks in Science in the 10th board exams, in the entire block in 2012.The student is a first generation learner belonging to a schedule caste family.

For generations, in a village in Ratanpur block of Maharajganj district, there was no woman who had completed school education. However after Kendra’s intervention, in the last six years, there are now 12 girls who have completed high school and are studying further. 

·        Job placements  for  75 young boys and girls, after passing the health attendant course organised by the Kendra. This is the 9th batch of students who underwent the training in health and patient care, regularly conducted at the Kendra. The job placements have been in corporate hospitals and clinics in and around Ghaziabad.