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Goals and Objectives 

To facilitate the process of development based on equability and social justice by strengthening voluntary action and organizing programmes for poor and marginalized sections of the society based on their active involvement and participation.

 The objectives are to:

  • Organize programmes for women, children, elderly, disabled and other marginalized and disadvantaged section of population; 
  • Interest voluntary organizations (CSOs) functioning in the sphere of rural development at the village level in scientific planning for integrated deve­lopment of rural area;
  •  Bring the organizations as well as rural communities in close contact with state and regional institutions/ research bodies for furtherance of their programmes;
  •  Collaborate with, and to seek the collaboration of various governmental, public and other agencies functioning in the field of rural development;
  •  Assist in evaluation of development programmes undertaken by organizations;
  • Organize training programmes for rural planners and rural development workers with a view to developing skills and methods of work at the ground level; and 
  • Conduct research and organize seminars, conferences and workshops on different social and development issues at various levels and publish documents.