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Suman Kala

Suman Kala, a 16 years old girl, studied in Samriddhi residential School from 2003 to 2007. She was enrolled in another school for further studies. Her father worked as volunteer in Samriddhi’s different activities. This brought change in his outlook and thinking not to put women/girls from his family into the family based practice of prostitution. He wanted to educate his daughters and get them married into a family where this tradition is not followed. He married his eldest daughter but died of cancer soon after. His wife was counseled by the organization to take up some work and take care of her family and see to it that the daughters are not forced into the profession. The mother is presently working with the Ayurvedic hospital. She says,” I would make my daughters graduate in education and my son to be an engineer so that they can have a respectable life. Today my children are in a situation where they are able to live with other caste people with respect.”