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Geographical Coverage

The Kendra may have activities extending over all the States and Territories of the Indian Union. It is presently working in the following seven states of India.

  1. Bengal,
  2. Bihar,
  3. Chhattishgarh,
  4. Jharkhand,
  5. Rajasthan,
  6. Uttar Pradesh, and
  7. Uttarakhand 

Project offices

  1. Samriddhi Roopwas, Bharatpur - RAJASTHAN
  2. GNK-Plan Office, Nautanwa, Maharajganj- UTTAR PRADESH
  3. ·GNK Pacs Office, HIG-06, F.C.I. Road , Vikas Nagar Vistar, Bargadwa, Gorakhpur – UTTAR PRADESH.
  4. GNK–ERW Programme Office, Chhabilapur Road, Kalibari, Rajgir, Nalanda,  BIHAR 

Thematic Coverage

  1. Education
  2. Women’s  Empowerment and Livelihood Promotion based on Rights and   Entitlements.
  3. Macro and micro level  planning
  4. Human Resource development for the staff of voluntary organizations.
  5. Protection and promotion of environment, waste management & disposal  and disaster management. 
  6. Control and prevention of trafficking / prostitution / crime
  7. Legal aid and family counseling
  8. Research on social issues.

Target Coverage

  1. Women, children, disabled and elderly population belonging to excluded groups – Scheduled Castes, Scheduled Tribes, Backward Castes and Muslims;
  2. Youth- male & female
  3. Prostitutes and victims of trafficking