Shri Satish Kumar


Satish Kumar known as Satish Girija, is an engineering-graduate and founder member of Nav Bharat Jagriti Kendra- a very renowned voluntary organization of Jharkhand and Bihar. He follows Gandhian ideology being vegetarian with simple living.

At the age of 72, he has 49 years of rich experience in implementation of rural development programs through NBJK. He also did certificate course “Planning and Management of Rural Development” in UK. He is writer of books “Aap Chahen to Bimarna Paden”, “Vikas Ke Sahyogi Srot”, Funding Agencies & Support Organization etc.

Over the years, he has been member in various boards/committees of Planning Commission, National Commission for Women, CAPART under aegis of MORD, Clinical Establishment Jharkhand State Council, PC & PNDT State Supervisory Committee, RINPAS Management Committee etc.