Based on the various studies undertaken by GNK in regard to the various dimensions of trafficking, it was found that prevention activities need to be prioritised in order to control trafficking of young children and women. Hence GNK adapted area development programmes for prevention of trafficking as its primary approach to address the issue of trafficking and prostitution.


Samriddhi Maharajganj

GNK is implementing the intervention on Sustainable Development Children and Communities in Maharajganj district of Uttar Pradesh. The interventions cover 356 villages within 265 Gram panchayats falling under three blocks of the district. The approach is to implement comprehensive area development interventions which will prevent families from trafficking women and children for prostitution.

Maharajganj, with its proximity to Indo-Nepal border has high incidences of trafficking of children for child labour as well as for prostitution. GNK’s activities focus on the children and their families and engages with other key service providers to ensure that the quality of like for the children and their families improve, thereby reducing their chances of being trafficked.

This intervention is supported by Plan India

GNK is also working closely with district authorities in the neighbouring district of Siddharthnagar under the Aspirational district programme initiated by Niti Ayog. 



Samriddhi Roopwas Bharatpur 

It is one of the earliest area development programmes implemented by the Kendra. This intervention was a follow up of the research study on prostitution conducted by the Kendra. Roopwas tehsil was identified as a source area of prostitution.

Two key interventions implemented here include the school Samriddhi Bal Vidya Mandir Madhyamik Vidyalaya and the community engagement focussing on Rights of the Children living in Difficult Circumstances implemented across 40 villages surrounding Roopwas tehsil.

The outreach activities cover 40 villages with around 8000 population and focus on women, adolescent, children and youth particularly from the Scheduled and excluded community of the area.

The activities focus on protecting the children especially Girls from all forms of exploitation, violence, abuse and neglect.

Awareness and community campaigns are organized for information sharing and dissemination of knowledge for improving well being of children, specially the girl children. Child protection forums have been set up at village level to prevent and take action on incidences of violence and abuse towards children.

Over the years, there has been significant improvement and behavioral change in child care practices within families resulting in more number of children attending school and demonstrating better health outcomes.





Control and prevention of trafficking and exploitation of children and women in Narkatiyaganj block, West Champaran, Bihar

GNK is working across 40 villages of Narkatiaganj block, district West Champaran, Bihar to prevention exploitation and trafficking of children and women. The interventions cover 14521 families in the area.

The project was initiated in 2019 and is supported by KNH Germany. The interventions include organising awareness generation programmes (meetings, seminars) for stakeholders on prevention of trafficking; promoting education; skill development and livelihood promotion. The priority is to mobilise community action for prevention of trafficking and exploitation of children and women.

As per the baseline survey conducted by the Kendra in 2018, child trafficking for labour and other exploitative purposes is very common in the area. Both boys and girls are being regularly trafficked.