Livelihood promotion and economic empowerment of women and youth belonging to marginal and excluded groups and communities is being undertaken through various initiatives.


Centre for Entrepreneurship development

The Center organizes skill oriented vocational training programmes in different vocations such as stitching and hand embroidery, advanced courses in fashion designing, beauty culture including mehandi application, typing, soft toys and flowers, painting and machine embroidery. Duration of each course varies from 3 to 6 months and completion certificates are issued at completion of the course.

20 affiliated centres are functioning across Ghaziabad district providing various kinds of skill trainings to women and youth. The skill trainings are well received by the community members and is much in demand from the rural and economically backward families and communities. These trainings have emerged as viable livelihood options for women, who otherwise have very limited economic opportunities due to restrictions on their mobility and lack of adequate skills.

75% trainees are self employed and earning between Rs. 2500 to 6000 per month. 25000 women have been trained since 1983, out of which nearly 15,926 women are reported to be working and are together earning Rs. 2,78,43,300 on monthly basis



Poonam Bala belonging to sweeper community in Ghaziabad, always had a very difficult life and did not have much livelihood options. However Poonam Bala was quite enterprising hence once she completed her tailoring course from Kendra, she affiliated herself with Kendra and set up a sub centre for girls in her locality. She now successfully runs her own training centre apart from taking order work. With her earnings she sends her children to school and also has opened a bank account and maintains her own savings.


Health Attendant Training

Health Attendant training is an innovative training conducted by the Kendra for young men and women. The training aims to form a cadre of trained health attendants who provide care and services to the elderly and sick, thereby catering to a growing demand, particularly in the urban areas. The training combines both theory and practical classes and is conducted under the supervision of medical practitioners.



Jyoti studied upto grade 10th and was married at the age of 21 years. Her husband had a stable business and was supporting the family well. However in an accident her husband lost a leg which affected his mobility and the family suffered losses in their business. It was then that Jyoti decided to support the family by taking up a job however due to her lack of higher education, the options were limited. She then decided to take up the Health Attendant training. Since her training, she is getting regular assignments and is earning 12000-15000/- per month.

As per Jyoti, “ Now I am able to help my husband financially and emotionally. My husband has started a deposit scheme in my name so that I can have savings, and improve our economic status and also plan for the future”.

She further states, “ For training we didn’t had money so I took loan of Rs.10000 from the money lender with 5% interest. But I am glad I re-paid it with my first income”