Early Child care centres are being organised at various construction and urban slums across Ghaziabad District for improving the quality of life of the children of migrant labourers and construction workers.

More than 1000 children in the age group of 0-6 years are presently availing the services of the childcare centres. The services include provision of nutrition, healthcare and early childhood education. Outreach activities are undertaken with the parents of the children to engage them in the process of child development and well being.

Other community level interventions undertaken through the centre include health and nutrition care for pregnant women, health awareness for adolescent girls, immunisation for pregnant women and children, promote sanitation and safe drinking water, school enrolment, nutrition campaigns etc 

Campaigns on domestic violence, child protection and gender discrimination are also held within the community to reduce incidences of violence and abuse.

All interventions in the community are undertaken in collaboration with stakeholders and are monitored closely.


Program Highlights:

  • Increase in coverage of government programmes for women and children in the area, which are many a times temporary settlements.  
  • Significant behaviour change in child care practices among parents of children.
  • Improvement in health and nutrition level of children.  
  • Strengthening the functioning of Anganwadi centres as per the norms of the government.   
  • 95% children and pregnant women registered on AWCs were immunized.
  • 310 adolescents received awareness on issues of sexual and reproductive health rights, child protection, gender discrimination etc through a structured training module